Month: May 2021

Manage Planned Finances

Managing finances for future savings is one of the most important foundations in life. Unfortunately, not everyone can save and be able to manage finances well, especially the 18-30 year old generation or what is commonly called the millennial generation.

The demands of lifestyle and consumptive behavior are one of the main factors for this millennial generation who tend to prefer to enjoy life just for sightseeing, hanging out, shopping online, watching concerts and other entertainments. This is certainly a worrying fact, especially considering the continued soaring prices of land, property and basic needs that can happen at any time.

No wonder, if you have worked for many years, but not a penny of money has been collected to be used as savings in the future. Saving is clearly not easy, therefore, it takes determination and good financial management in order to be able to set aside our income so that it can be maximized. But don’t worry, for millennials who are still having trouble managing finances, let’s look at the tips for saving and managing planned finances below!

  1. Open a special savings account

In today’s era, there are many banking products that make it easier for you to save. You can choose one of the many banks that provide savings facilities that can provide benefits or benefits in the future according to your needs. Avoid saving in the same account as your monthly income account, of course this needs to be done to control your expenses so they don’t mess up.

  1. Set aside 10% of income

Even though the amount looks small, it takes a lot of consistency to be able to do it. You must be orderly and consistent from the start to set aside 20% of your income each month to be saved to the savings account that you created earlier.

  1. Make a list of expenses

Recording every expense that you have spent will really help you to manage your finances every month. Don’t forget to always detail your expenses in as much detail as possible, the goal is to let you know where your income is going every month.

  1. Find extra income

If you feel you can’t set aside some of your monthly income for savings, don’t worry. You can look for other additional income outside of your regular income every month, such as trading, becoming a reseller to freelance. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your main job.

  1. Reduce the use of credit cards

Having too many credit cards is also not good for your financial condition. Having more than one credit card will only make you have a consumptive behavior and get used to being in debt. Even though you are not necessarily able to pay the installment bill every month, right?

  1. Start to dare to invest

Although most millennials have started saving early, only a few percent of them have the courage to invest. In fact, there are various benefits and advantages that can be obtained in the future if we dare to invest. The choice of investment types is now increasingly diverse, such as deposits, mutual funds, bonds, stocks, gold to property. Please select the type of investment that suits your needs.

Those are some tips for managing planned finances for the millennial generation in the future. Even though it’s hard to start and feels heavy at first, believe me, the results you get will be very profitable later on. The most important thing is intention, consistency and discipline. So don’t just enjoy life for today, you must also be able to enjoy life for the future!

ORIGAMY: Synthetic Biology Fiction

So I’m a bunch of the way through Rachel Armstrong’s ORIGAMY now, and here’s the thing:

There’s a field of rogue mutant hair transplants, and the hair field is grazed upon by a trip of transgenic goats, and there’s like five pages on the digestive processes of these goats, including shoals of microsquid that live in one of the four stomachs. And it’s brilliant.

If you’re not up for that: the book is about people who use chopsticks to tie knots in spacetime for travel purposes. And art.

Rachel is a synthetic biologist — I met her at a think-tank in Eindhoven a few years ago — and ORIGAMY is what happens when you let a synthetic biologist write a full work of speculative fiction. Possibly this practice will be banned after ORIGAMY is released.

It’s an incredibly dense piece of bizarre fantastika balanced artfully on a very simple structure, a journey of discovery, secrets and ancient threats. Parts feel like they’ve come from fable, or folk tales about strange circus people. In reading it, I’ve gotten through about ten pages at a time before having to stop and stare into space and process everything that’s just been dumped into my head. It’s like she freebased twelve novels into one intense concentrated rock.

ORIGAMY is a magnificent, glittering explosion of a book: a meditation on creation, the poetry of science and the insane beauty of everything. You’re going to need this.

It comes out on April 3 2018, and, afterwards, there will only be people who have read ORIGAMY and people who have not, and neither of them will be able to understand the other.

You can pre-order it direct from the publisher here, or through Amazon (UK) (US).


Supply of Server Hardware Components and Data Centers

Fraiteg company has well-established links with various suppliers and delivers server hardware leading brands such as HP, IBM, Supermicro, Cisco, Intel, Dell and others to make orders to contact the manager. Experienced staff of our company will create an order , select the vehicle best suits your needs. Besides, a full escort services collocation ( colocation data centers in Germany, the UK, Russia, Finland and other countries). If you are interested in building a reliable not leased, and its own fleet of servers, Fraiteg is your ideal choice.

To manage the corporate network and to safeguard the information are some of the basic functions that a server gives us to our company, so that when it becomes obsolete it has to consider the acquisition of a new one. In this case, we focus on the advantages that the proper configuration and supply of hardware can bring to your business.

Configuring and supplying Hardware for your business

The maximum security in our computer equipment is achieved by each and every one of its components, which will make the availability of the service higher. Next to the latter, other functions to consider for our servers are the speed of the process and accessibility to the data, the sufficient storage capacity, as well as the possibilities of extending that capacity in the future, especially if We consider that today gigabytes of emails, software and documents are experiencing considerable growth.

Configuring and supplying hardware for servers

By focusing our attention on the hardware, the most common redundant systems are, for example, power, fans, network and processor, as well as the hard disks configured in RAID. They repeat the most critical data, which is intended to ensure against possible failures arising from its continued use.

In order to support all our data, it is most convenient to have a backup system, being able to use from a hard drive with USB or Ethernet connection to the conventional Lto tapes of 100 or 200 GB or even the data of 72 GB.

Hardware Supply

For the supply of hardware, configuration and assembly of servers, it is best to have a company specializing in the field of computer maintenance, which can offer a quality service to the company.

In the case of hardware configuration, three fundamental factors must be taken into account in order for this operation to take place in the correct way. Among other things, the processing capacity required by the implementation, the required delivery performance, and the place where the instance is being deployed.

The vast majority of large or medium-sized applications benefit from multi-server configurations. In the event that such applications are particularly large, it is possible to distribute them on multiple servers. Those that require very high availability can always use the fail-over cluster.

Supply of Hardware for companies

By means of the configuration concept we refer to the set of data that determine the value of some of the variables of a given program. Such options are loaded from the beginning and in some cases should be restarted to see the changes, since the program will not be able to modify them while it is running.

For example, for companies that cannot make big investments, you can opt for a basic type of hardware configuration from, for example, a 4-core Intel Xeon processor X3430, 4GB RAM, and two 500 GB hard disks. Together with all these elements, the basic configuration of hardware, which does not have the redundancy of some components such as the network card or power supply, will be useful to have continuity to any problem that may arise in our Business.

Powerful, reliable server hardware

In any case, when choosing a powerful and reliable hardware for the server you have to look for a balance between the needs of your business and its investment capacity.

In Fraiteg we supply all kinds of hardware for companies. Thanks to the alliances with our suppliers we offer competitive prices, others more special by volume, configuration and assembly of servers and storage, as well as qualified technicians in different manufacturers. For any questions, call us and we will inform you about it.

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