Check for friends (back links) of any website on the web provides detailed statistics about domain names and their back links. This is useful for discovering internet strategies of your competition, evaluating strength of any website on the web, search engine optimization (seo), link building services as a part of internet marketing company service, or just learning, how internet works.

What can I expect?

We have almost 200 million domain names in our database, together with link relationships between all these domains. That' why we could calculate our own ranking system, similar to legendary PageRank, and provide you list of most valuable links for every domain you search. Our seo tool is well suitable for seo analysis, search engine marketing. Please visit detailed description of the service for more information.

What about pricing?

We provide basic information for free. There is a limit of 10 displayed back links per page. If you need more information like complete list of back links, you can subscribe for USD 99 / month, where you can display unlimited number of backlinks for every single domain. Please go to detailed pricing page for more information.

How old are your data?

Our latest link data are from January 2014 - the date of our last internet crawl. We took every known domain name, crawled up to 20 the most important pages, and created this site based on these data. Please visit detailed description of the service for more information.

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Pricing explained - EUR 99,- for all our data access

Pricing at is a simple subscription model. In a free version, you are limited to display 10 links per any website. As a subscribed user, you will be charged EUR 99,- per month. After initial payment, access to our complete data will be opened to you, and you can see complete link profile of any websites we have in our databases (You can test it right now using top search field). Your full access will end next month on the same day end. There is no minimum term for subscription - you can buy only 1-month access to the service.

Payment options

We accept payment through PayPal only. It's the most secure way, when you do not need to provide us any payment information. Please contact us first in order to send you payment link. Note that our payment link is not available publicly right now due to spamming and security issues.

Cancellation of the service

You can cancel subscription at at any time without any costs. To cancel this service, simply login to Paypal, find any of our payments and hit ,,Cancel subscription". There is no need to let us know in any way - your unsubscription will be automatically sent to us and your account will be switched to the standard, non-payed version.

Subscribe now provides you different view on internet marketing of every website. We provide unique link analysis based on geolocation, IP address subnets and much more views. Be help you to discover domain stragegy of your competition and the most linking subnets.

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